One-third of your life can be spent in the bedroom, so it makes sense that this personal space can help or hinder your health greatly.  For increased wellness and wellbeing, try these three changes to make you better in the bedroom and beyond.

Go Tech-Free for Better Sleep
Lack of sleep is a bigger health issue than ever before.  The numbers are staggering: 65% of Americans have cell phones next to their beds.  Add TVs, laptops and tablets to the mix, and it seems every bedroom is lit up beyond bedtime.  That’s the problem: light. The light emitted from all this technology does a number on the brain. New research shows even quick milliseconds of light (like checking that text) can shift our circadian rhythm and impact our hormones, which leads to an array of health issues.  Watch your favorite TV show outside the bedroom, and put all technology far, far away.  If you use your phone as an alarm, either invest in an old fashioned alarm clock or put your phone in another room, which will actually make it harder to hit snooze!

Clear Clutter for Better Health
Clutter often represents unfinished business and can be a negative emotional drain.  Feng Shui advocates recommend keeping bedroom furniture and surroundings as sparse as possible to let energy flow freely.  Avoid storing stuff under the bed; items like books, packed into a bookcase, only invite dust, which can lead to allergies.

For More Love: Double It Up or Just Love It
Fill the bedroom only with things you cherish.  While great Aunt Judy’s hand-me-down bureau may do the trick, if you cringe every time you see it, the bureau itself may chip away at your happiness (and thus your health).  When it comes to love, experts also recommend doing doubles.  Having two nightstands and lights, as opposed to just one, emphasizes symmetry and equal status as partners.  If you are single, experts say stick to doubles too, as this could welcome love into your life.

So think of your bedroom as the first stop to on the road to health-and make it a sanctuary for your body and soul.