If you want to workout and you have kids, do you pay for daycare, skip it, or give up on the idea you won’t exercise until they’re in college? You don’t have to do any of those! Many places do offer family fitness classes where parents and kids practice yoga or Tae Kwon Do or team up to play a game, but that can get expensive.

Fortunately, some old-school fitness activities are making a comeback, and they’ll work within any budget.

1. Jump Rope
Want to have fun and burn 100-plus calories in just a few minutes? Try jump roping with your kids. It improves hand-eye coordination, elevates your heart rate, and uses a lot of different muscles in the process. Add a little laughter to your jump rope workout by singing the words to these popular jump rope rhymes.

2. Go for a Hike
With kids, a short day hike of one to five miles can be a great adventure that gets the entire family involved in a low-impact form of exercise to strengthen the heart, lungs and muscles. Breathing in fresh air can also boost your immune system, reduce stress, and improve your mood. Bring infants and toddlers along with a suitable stroller for the terrain or a baby backpack/carrier. Don’t forget water and snacks too. Check out Localhikes.com to find a family-friendly hike in your area.

3. Play Frisbee
Little kids may need help learning how to throw it. But once they learn, playing Frisbee is a fun activity for your backyard, the park, or at a rest stop on a road trip. You and your kids will get cardiovascular exercise, burn off excess calories, and improve agility.

4. Create Your Own Obstacle Course
Turn your backyard or a park into an obstacle course. Crawl under the picnic table. Run the perimeter of the yard. Jump over the weed patch. Create an obstacle course, and use a stopwatch to see who can get through it the fastest. The course will build upper body strength and endurance.

Keeping it simple and healthy may be better for family bonding and relationships. In fact, a recent study found that when parents are active, their children are more likely to be active too. Studies also show that kids who exercise have better relationships with their parents and perform better in school, too.

So, take the time to play together. You don’t have to spend much to be a fit and healthy family.