One of the key things that make people happy is a moment of being in awe of something or someone. A U.C. Berkeley study found the emotion of “awe,” had the strongest correlation of health with the molecules that indicate happiness in the body.

When people in the study said they were in “awe” of something, their moods were elevated, and their bodies actually registered a positive response.  Many more studies show that feeling upbeat often helps boost immunity, too.

Here are five ideas for inviting more awe into your life.

  1. Plan A Sunset Picnic

When you sit in silence and soak in one of nature’s most glorious displays, you are more likely to have positive emotions.  Researchers say people who are attuned with nature boost their own wellbeing. Combine it with good, healthy food and a trusted companion, and the whole experience is a gift.

  1. Get A Ticket to A Live Concert By A Favorite Musical Artist

Listening to your favorite songs can literally fight heart disease, according to researchers who say it improves the way your blood vessels function. At the same time, experiencing pleasant sound is healing. Mixed with the admiration you feel for the artist, and no doubt your entire soul will feel uplifted.

  1. Play Sports With Your Friends

Camraderie and community increase happiness, researchers say, because teamwork makes us feel included. You could be blown away by the all-out efforts of your teammates in a flag football game over and over. As a bonus, you’ll get healthy and brain boosting exercise too, enabling you to be present and alert for the next incredible moment.

  1. Go Hear An Inspirational Speech

Nothing beats hearing someone you admire connect thoughts and ideas in a way that inspires action. You might be struck by the way the inspirational speaker can hold the room or by how others in the room (including you) are changed forever by meaningful, powerful words and stories.

  1. Hike to a Summit

Get fit, chart your course, be one with nature – what’s not to love? The sweetest part of it all is the divine view that awaits you at the summit. You literally feel on top of the world, and there’s no mood booster that can compare to that feeling of awe.

Everyone is awestruck by different things, so pick your activity, get going, and get happy.