Want a vacation for the mind, body and soul?  Try a wellness retreat.  These getaways nourish your whole self, and there’s a whole array of retreat choices on the planet.  How do you find the right one for you?  Ask yourself these questions.

What do you want?
Do you want to lose weight? Learn to cook? De-stress? Delve into yoga? Bond with friends? Learn to meditate? Silent meditate? Hike? Detox? Volunteer? The list goes on and on, as do the options. While a simple web search yields top wellness retreat lists, it’s ultimately up to you to pick the exact focus of your wellness vacation destination.  Sites such as Retreat Finder and SpaFinder can help you define your search too.

What are your cost considerations?
While places like Miraval offer the quintessential health vacation, not all wellness retreats have to be expensive. Several guides give high and low options for wellness retreats.

While cost consideration is one thing, location consideration is another.  Do you want to be far, far away from your current life, or would a road trip to a wellness center near your home town suffice?  Do you want to be alone or could you split costs with a group of friends?  How much time do you have? How long do you want to be on retreat?

What’s your desired end result?
A wellness retreat should leave you feeling better. Your experience should be one in which you grow, learn and bring the lessons back home – then live them.  Therefore, if your desired end result is learning to meditate, then a retreat based on hiking just won’t do.

What’s your goal upon returning home? What is missing in your life and your lifestyle? Search for a wellness retreat to fill that need… and your body, mind and soul will begin to soar in a whole new way.  Take the time for yourself. It could make a world of difference.