Your home is your sanctuary, so why not make it the happiest place on earth? True happiness comes from within, but your home surroundings can give you a visual “pick-me-ups,” boosting your overall mood and reducing stress.

I asked Roy Kim, the new Chief Creative Officer for Douglas Elliman Real Estate and one of the top creative minds in luxury homes, how to bring more happiness into our personal abodes. While the result might feel luxe for your senses, it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Roy’s Advice for Quick Changes
First, rearrange your furniture “to create better flow for a room or to better suit the use of a room,” he said. Consider painting the room. “I like to paint in shades of white, ranging to dark greiges” (“greige:” a cross between gray and beige and Roy’s favorite color). “You may want to use an accent paint for one wall, or consider wallpaper.”

Play With Color Pops and Palettes
Roy suggests you get personal with the colors that make you happy. “I personally prefer neutrals with pops of color,” he suggested. “A more neutral palette may work best for your home, but a brighter palette for your office, if you want the space to be invigorating.” In addition to paint, color pops can be bright pillows or pieces of art!

Look Into The Light
“Lighting is everything and is often overlooked,” Roy mused. He suggests we buy different bulbs at different temperatures to warm or cool the room. Try not to let all the lighting for the room come from one height or source, like ceiling-mounted lights. Mix it up, he says. “High lights would be ceiling mounted or pendant; medium would be floor lamps or table lamps; low lights are overlooked, and can add depth to a space.”

Picture It
Memories can warm our hearts. For printed photos, you can fill a whole wall, but make sure to keep the photos from looking cluttered or overwhelming: “…create a cork strip that limits the area for display,” he suggests. Perhaps use technology screens and rotate through them: ”…put them on your TV or computer monitor.”

Go Natural
Nature indoors can create harmony. “The more urban the environment, the more important nature is to the interior of the home,” said Roy. “For example, a terrarium or orchid arrangement will have much more impact in a Manhattan apartment than a bungalow in Miami beach.” You might add plants that are low maintenance or even professional photos of greenery.

It’s easy to add happy to your surroundings by giving your eyes an uplifting place to land, from the corners to the walls and spaces in between.