Pillow talk is much more than a new song by a former One Direction heart throb, it’s scientifically-sound, pre-sleep quiet quality time you share with your partner that could greatly benefit you and your partner’s health, happiness, and relationship. How and how often you do it could make the difference in your relationship.

The Proof Behind Pillow Talk

There’s a real science behind this cuddle up conversation.  Pillow talk benefits the brain.  When you feel connected, a la, pillowtalk, the brain is releases more oxytocin, among other feel good hormones.   Communication is vital for any relationship; in fact, a new study shows that even if partners disagree, but they understand the other person’s perspective, the negative impact of the disagreement is diminished.

How Pillow Talk Pays Off

When we share hopes, dreams, and offload worries with a trusted partner, it helps clear our minds and sets us up for better sleep.  There are studies galore on the health benefits of sleep. One recent report suggests that sleeping not only makes you healthier, but happier!  Sleep findings also suggest those who are happily married get better sleep, and its clear that sleep impacts our body and soul.

Pillow Talk Dos and Don’ts

Stay away from stress at pillow talk time.  Avoid bringing up financial, marital or major issues pre-sleep.  Yes, discussing problems is normal, natural and needed, but pillow talk is not the time to do so.

So, what do you talk about?

  • Compliments. What do you like about each other? What does your partner excel at that you appreciate?
  • Romantic Memories. Reflect on how you met, your first date, or the first time you kissed.
  • Your day. What was the best thing that happened?  The funniest? The most challenging?
  • Overcoming Obstacles. Reflect on a time that you struggled individually or as a couple, but overcame the obstacle. Focus on the positive end result of what at the time you saw as a true struggle.
  • Vacation Plans. Dream about a trip or weekend getaway. Discuss where you want to go, why, and the hopes of making the vacation a reality.

Take time for a heart-to-heart bedtime conversation that could be a needed path to health and happiness.