The yogis believe you are happy when you 1) know and love yourself, 2) are open to constant learning, and 3) make choices to support your wellbeing. That glow of being peaceful and happy comes from within, and when you shine your inner light, happy energy shines back.

Here are a few ways to develop that inner happiness, radiate it like sunshine, and let more light into your life.

Love and Respect You
We are often bogged down by thoughts of what is wrong, rather than what is good. We have everything we need within ourselves, but often we’re not able to see it clearly. Identify the best in you, what you offer, and count your blessings. Gratitude creates happiness.

Try this:

  • Write down what makes you special. Go back to that list over and over and remind yourself. If you love yourself, others will too, and you’ll attract exactly what you put out there.
  • Make time to take care of yourself. Put nourishing, healthy things in both body and mind so you can radiate physical and spiritual health from within.

Shift Your Perspective
Always be willing to learn about something unexpected or try something totally different. Not only will you be nourished with new ideas and perspectives, but you’ll be able to offer more to others, too. Fresh ideas are like layers of enlightenment that are inviting to others.

Try this:

  • Visit art galleries, museums, and attend interesting workshops that will spark your imagination and learning.
  • Travel – even if it’s to a different neighborhood in your city – with your eyes wide open to discover.
  • Socialize with other cultures to give yourself a wider, global perspective on the world.

Make Choices to Support You
Take the time to evaluate whether you’re spending time, money, and emotional effort on things and people who support your wellbeing. Gravitate toward even the simple activities that are optimistic and enriching.

Try this:

  • Make more space and time for positive, happy people by reevaluating relationships that have a high level of drama.
  • Choose to engage with people and activities that lift you up and leave you feeling refreshed.
  • Schedule activities and time with people that make you feel more energetic – or calm when you need to be.

If you put good thoughts in your mind and heart, it will attract the same, helping you to create the life you want… with the most loving, positive people in it.