Our society’s increasing desire to be well – inside and out – has all of us looking for ways to give our lives more meaning and spiritual context.  There are many options, groups, and opportunities to express your spiritual self, but if you create greater focus around your spiritual path, you can let your efforts truly take hold and blossom.

Here are five spiritual priorities at a glance – if you’re 20-something or know someone who is.

1. Define Your Spiritual Methodology

You have many options to express your spirituality. Do you explore religion? Yoga? Meditation? This is a wonderful time to evaluate whether your family’s traditional, spiritual path is really the one you want for the rest of your life. Write down qualities that define “spiritual” for you. Then, explore to find your match and practice it. Keep showing up!

2. Merge Your Spiritual and Career Path

A disconnect between your spiritual self and the way you earn your living is one reason people experience emotional crisis later in life. See if you can choose a path that brings your spiritual nature and career goals a little closer together. Your job doesn’t have to be in a spiritual business (aka owning a yoga studio), but ask yourself if work goals connect you to what you want for your life and the world.

3. Know Yourself to Support Yourself

Ask yourself: what are you doing or seeking that is supporting contentment? Do you know what you want more of? Less of? Are the relationships you have in your life nourishing or toxic? When you know who you are and what supports your wellbeing, you’re setting up a foundation for life, and much of life’s bounty will flow right to you, including love.

4. Choose A Focus for Contributing Selflessly

Study after study shows that helping others is healthy and cultivates life-changing feelings of gratitude, which can support your own happiness, plus your ability to help others be happy as well.  Find one cause that falls in line with your interests and passion.

5. Practice Self-Care

With so many options at your fingertips to explore how to give your life more meaning in these early adult years, it’s easy to take on too much and burnout. Learn when to say “yes” and how to say “no.”  You need a full tank if you want to feed yourself spiritually and give to the world around you.

(This is the first in a five-part series; next month, 30-something priorities.)