Have you ever been sick and received a “Get Well” card from someone who cared about you? Remember how that made you feel? A kind gesture, thought or word can go a long way when your health is hurting.

Here are several things you can do when the tables have turned and a loved one has fallen ill.

Visit Often
It’s difficult to know exactly what to say or do when a loved one, or a close friend’s loved one, is suffering from illness. However, sometimes actions speak louder than words: by spending time with them they’ll feel your support, even if you do nothing but sit and say nothing at all.

Talk About Positive Things
While it can be easy to get wrapped up in the obvious question of, “How are you feeling?” sometimes that can do more harm than good, especially if the sick person continues to feel badly day after day. Instead, ask them to tell you about the positive parts of their week, or tell them about the highlights of yours. Share accomplishments of shared friends and loved ones, and even feel-good news stories to keep things upbeat.

Give Them Something To Look Forward To
Instead of dwelling on the present situation, talk to your loved one about all the great things to do and places to visit after recovery. Giving that person something to look forward to could really boost their morale and give them motivation and energy to get better soon.

Support A Related Charity
By supporting a charity or cause related to the illness of your loved one, you’ll not only make that person feel special, but you’ll also help others in need. Sign up for a 5k run or walk to raise money for that cause, and invite others to join you. The tangible support will undoubtedly make your loved one feel like you understand.

Don’t Feel Sorry For Them
Think about if the tables were turned. Would you want anyone feeling sorry for you? Instead of feeling sorry for them, tell them how much you admire their perseverance or bravery despite their illness.

While there’s no perfect way to deal with a family member, friend or loved one getting sick, these simple steps can help you help them as they make their way down the road to recovery. Just remember: a little bit of love goes a long way!