Seasonal PopUps by Vie:
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MoveWell (Spring 2020) Awaken from the slumber of winter and get your energy and body moving. Addressing the wellness pillars of environment and physical movement, this pop-up features activations including motivating Qi-Gong flow class, moving meditation, and facial massage exercises for a fresh step into spring.

GlowWell (Summer 2020) Feed your body+ mind + Soul. Addressing the pillars of Social and Physical Wellness, start your day with a customized smoothie at Vie’s beauty bar and an mini consult with our holistic nutritionist /dermatologist to address your health needs. Then enjoy activations designed to reinvigorate your connection to yourself and others.

ThinkWell (Fall 2020) Take stock of your strengths and activate your mind and senses with Vie’s Fall Pop-up centered around the intellectual, financial and occupational wellness pillars. With activations including whole body workout from and money manifesting + a consciously curated holiday gift bar, you’ll be sure to leave with your brain buzzing and your heart aglow.

SleepWell (Winter 2019/20) We partnered with Arlo Hotels, Blanquil and Beam to create our highly successful multi-sensory wellbeing experience centered around sleep. Focused on the pillars of physical and emotional, ease into meditation and slow flow yoga + the latest in sleep rituals and explore our deep meditation and massage cabins. Because when one is well rested, anything is possible.

Welcome to Vie

Create your healthiest and happiest life with Vie Wellbeing.

My wellness journey inspired me to become a meditation teacher and share the amazing benefits of meditation while supporting others in their practice. I am Vedic trained which means all my mediations are grounded in 2,500 year old ancient wisdom, and I’ve adapted them to create a modern practice.

I created Vie Wellbeing a modern wellness platform, to offer meditation, movement and multi-sensory Pop-Up experiences. We partner with leading brands across mind, body and soul as well as, 4/5 star hotels and beautiful indoor/outdoor spaces to create wellbeing destinations that inspire commitment to one’s wellness.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our pop-ups soon!

With gratitude,

“Julie’s guided meditations are incredible. Her voice is so soothing, imagery so precise that the time just flies by. I always leave feeling centered and light. She makes meditating a true pleasure.”




Private training sessions available.