7 Research-Based Reasons to Laugh Every Chance You Get

My Soul 20.5.2015

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, but who actually makes time for laughter in their lives? Sure, we enjoy hearing a funny joke, being around people with a good sense of humor, and watching comedies. But few of us take our laughs seriously(no pun intended) nor do we make a concerted effort to laugh more. But … Read More

The Healing Power of A Handwritten Note

My Soul 6.2.2015

In today’s world, we are inundated with a constant flood of emails, texts, and messages on social media. In fact, in America, the average 18-29 year old sends or receives 100 texts a day. As you can probably deduce, studies show the prevalence of the handwritten note has been on something of a downswing in … Read More

7 Myths About Happiness We Need to Stop Believing

My Soul 19.12.2014

Nearly all of us buy into what I call the myths of happiness—beliefs that certain adult achievements (marriage, kids, jobs, wealth) will make us forever happy and that certain adult failures or adversities (health problems, divorce, financial struggles) will make us forever unhappy. Overwhelming research, however, reveals that there is no magic formula for happiness … Read More

Bucket Lists: Beneficial or a Burden?

My Soul 29.12.2014

“It’s on my bucket list” is a little saying with big meaning.  Whether you’ve never heard of a “bucket list” or if you’re a bucket list devotee, making a bucket list can impact your life significantly – no matter how old you are. What’s a Bucket List? The phrase may be more well-known today because … Read More

5 Mindful Gifts to Give

My Soul 5.12.2014

If you’re going to give a holiday sweater as a gift this year, at least make it meaningful. Sweater… or something else… gifts that make a difference in the world are abundant. Here’s our pick of five mindful gifts for this holiday season: 1. Stress Relief + Happiness Giving a gift card to meditation classes … Read More

Give Yourself Winter Soul Sunshine

My Soul 5.11.2014

When the temperature drops and winter really kicks in, it’s easy to settle into the couch and eat snacks until the first thaw. That’s no way to go through life! Here are a few ways to give yourself some soul sunshine – and beat the winter blues. Cut Back on TV Granted, when it’s 25 … Read More

The Decisive Marriage

My Soul 15.9.2014

Do you have a decisive marriage? New research shows that how thoughtfully couples make decisions can have a lasting effect on the quality of their romantic relationships. Couples who are decisive before marriage — intentionally defining their relationships, living together and planning a wedding — appear to have better marriages than couples who simply let … Read More

13 Ways Gratitude Will Significantly Improve Your Life

My Soul 22.8.2014

Want to be happy, healthy and have great relationships? Sure, we all do! And we’ve heard a million times about the obvious ways to take care of ourselves: exercise, diet etc. But there’s one simple exercise that boosts all of these things simultaneously and that most of us simply don’t know. What’s that? Being thankful. … Read More

The Best Kept Secret to Getting What You Want

My Soul 6.8.2014

Most people want the same sorts of things: to be happier, healthier, less busy, more attractive, and wiser. We probably also all want to make a difference in some way and leave a mark on the world with our actions. Well research shows there is one very well-kept secret to all of the above: giving, … Read More

Why Is Listening to Your Favorite Music Good for Your Heart?

My Soul 31.7.2014

What is your favorite song right now? Do you have an anthem that always inspires you? Intuitively, we all know that the music we love makes our hearts sing and makes us feel good. Now scientists have confirmed that listening to your favorite songs literally reduces your risk for heart disease by improving endothelial function … Read More

5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Happiness Right Away

My Soul 2.7.2014

You don’t have to wait for happiness to happen. Just take a few small actions to invite more positive vibes into your life. Smile, because we’re sharing these five easy ways to get happy right away. Sing in the Shower Each Morning Hot water melts the stress away and soothes aching muscles. Add some singing … Read More

Now, a Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss

My Soul 2.6.2014

There are activities common to most humans that we enjoy immensely, without much thought, and as frequently as opportunity and instinct provide. On occasion, researchers feel they need to know why. Recently, experimental psychologists at Oxford University explored the function of kissing in romantic relationships. Surprise! It’s complicated. After conducting an online survey with 308 … Read More