How I Learned to Stop Procrastinating, & Love Letting Go

My Soul 14.4.2014

The end of procrastination is the art of letting go. I’ve been a lifelong procrastinator, at least until recent years. I would put things off until deadline, because I knew I could come through. I came through on tests after cramming last minute, I turned articles in at the deadline after waiting until the last … Read More

Want to Be More Creative? Take a Walk

My Soul 5.5.2014

If you are unable to think of a catchy, creative way to present sales data or begin a newspaper column, take a walk. A brief stroll, even around your office, can significantly increase creativity, according to a handy new study. Most of us have heard by now that exercise, including walking, generally improves thinking skills, … Read More

What Influences Our Happiness the Most?

My Soul 24.1.2014

I have two friends, Seth and Michael, and one of them is a lot happier than the other. Seth is chronically unhappy. He is often glum, frequently irritable, and sometimes hopeless, though he has never been clinically depressed. By contrast, Michael is a remarkable happy person. Although he has his low moments and periodic stress, he … Read More

Out of Whack: How to Balance Life Goals and Work Demands

My Soul 25.3.2014

Balancing our personal lives and professional commitments is an increasingly difficult task in our ridiculously busy contemporary society. We love our time off with family and friends, but are compelled to work overtime to achieve those precious vacation days. While a rewarding job and satisfying quality of life may seem at odds with each other, … Read More