Your Top 5 Spiritual Priorities If You’re 30-something

My Soul 26.5.2015

You’re old enough to know what you want and go for it, but along the way you want to be well – not overwhelmed. As you form real and lasting relationships, experience career changes, expand your family and more, get comfortable in your own skin. Craft your own spiritual path and grow gracefully into your … Read More

4 Steps to a Deeper Gratitude

My Soul 1.5.2015

We know that feeling and expressing gratitude is a good thing. But what needs to happen inside us so that we’re more mindful and present for the experience of gratitude? How can the experience of gratitude open us to life more deeply and connect us more intimately with each other? Recognizing Gratitude is a sense … Read More

3 Ways to Be A Modern, Spiritual Person

My Soul 13.5.2015

You don’t have to be an incense-burning hippie to be a spiritual person today (not that there’s anything wrong with that). In the last 5-10 years, the idea of spirituality has changed radically. One of the main gateways into spirituality is yoga. In fact, 44% of Americans consider themselves “aspirational yogis,” interested in trying yoga. … Read More

Top Spiritual Priorities If You’re In Your 20s

My Soul 20.4.2015

Our society’s increasing desire to be well – inside and out – has all of us looking for ways to give our lives more meaning and spiritual context.  There are many options, groups, and opportunities to express your spiritual self, but if you create greater focus around your spiritual path, you can let your efforts … Read More

How to Create Your Own Healing Rituals

My Soul 25.2.2015

Have you seen pro athletes do a few special things right before a big moment?  Often they’re practicing rituals to prepare their actions, steady their nerves, or get focused. Rituals – repeated sequences of actions or a singular action for a specific reason – have long been respected as ways to cope with challenge in … Read More

Good Deeds for Good Health

My Soul 16.4.2014

Did you know that helping others, without expecting anything in return, is actually good for your health?  Most of us believe kindness and generosity are virtuous qualities, and we cheer for those who give time, money or emotional support selflessly.  We know it feels good to do or witness a good deed, but behind the … Read More

Happiness, health and marriage

My Soul 11.2.2014

It’s standard shtick for comedians to complain about their marriages, detailing the inevitable arguments, compromises and other unpleasant situations involved in the time-honored institution. Research, however, largely tells a different tale — in many ways, marriage is good for you. Less Sickness, Greater Health “In sickness and in health” — that’s the venerable phrase from … Read More